Oprah, Diddy and Other Goodies at GC

I haven’t written here much lately because I haven’t got much to say these days. The stuff I do have to say I send off to GlobalComment or other such fun places what pay me. So I thought that, in addition to some shameless self-promotion that I’m about to do, I should also promote some other good stuff I’ve been reading. To wit, Joe Sapien’s take on Diddy as the next Bond. We take a break from his usual sarcastic tone to sample some flabbergasted outrage and the foolishness that is Diddy. In addition, there’s a good assessment of Obama’s Change.gov blog thing by Sarah Jaffe that you should take a look at. The piéce de resistance, though, is Renee Martin’s take on the fatness of Oprah and how we should shame her for being ashamed of it (my interpretation – not what she actually actually said) rather than point fingers at her for being fat in the first place. (In fact, she didn’t say at all that we should shame Oprah – I just think that Oprah should be ashamed of her shame. All that wealth, accomplishment and power and her weighing scale can break her heart? Pff. Stupid world.)

And I wrote about Mumbai because I do that kinda thing. This is the part where I’m shamelessly self-promoting, btw.

That’s all, folks.

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#1 sudaammnooo on 06.29.10 at 11:41 am

I agree about Oprah. it is a pity considering how inspiring she is and how much she has achieved.
Have been skinny and also fit all my life
and also an eating machine :)
I didnt realise till recently how body conscious I am.

Am trying a new policy though – to stop discussing weight stuff either mine or anyone elses – it”s amazing how much it’s a part of everyday conversation.
So when people ask me if they’re fatter or thinner i say “we’re exceedingly body conscious” and don’t get into specifics.
this is my first day on your blog, a friend is a fan- good stuff so far.

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