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I haven’t been able to check email regularly since I got to Seattle because I don’t have internet at home yet. Hopefully I’ll have it soon. So right now, I’m sitting at a lovely diner-cum-coffee shop in ravenna and catching up on things.

DA made this point after the assassination of Benazir: in short, that Muslims need to stop killing Muslims. Go read the whole thing because he writes well and lacks bullshit, and because he’s right.

Then Kameelah made a comment that linked to a set of article that I think are important. Particularly interesting are Ihsan and MuslimMatters.

Yesterday, I looked at the pictures of the Lahore High Court bombing that came before a lawyers’ rally and killed some 60 people, mostly policemen. The pictures are terrible. The streets are lined with bodies. This bombing, for those of you who don’t know, was 2 days ago, January 10, 2008.

And it’s Muharram. Ashura is upon us and it commemorates fitna. Fitna, though you can follow the link to wikipedia, which does a fine job, is when Muslims kill other Muslims for the sake of power, or under the impression that they are right and other Muslims are wrong, or under the impression that they are real Muslims and other Muslims are not.

Every Ashura, someone finds a Shi’a mosque and opens fire at Zuhr prayer time, or walks in and blows himself up. Every Ashura. It’s practically tradition now. It’s because some Sunnis, in the words of Lashkar-e-Tayyaba (who do not get linked in any fashion), believe the Shi’a to follow the Imams of Kufr. Kufr is an all-encompassing word meaning anything from unbelief to disobedience, and a kafir is considered outside the fold of Islam.

(A random aside: I think it’s because I’m in the States that I suddenly feel the need to explain very basic terms. Go figure.)

A kafir is outside the fold of Islam. What has happened to Muslims that we go about looking for kafirs the way Bush and Musharraf are looking for terrorists? What motivates this made search for, identification of and then assault on “kafirs”? How is the world served by killing people? I just have no comprehension. I don’t even have a notion. I can usually empathize enough with some vision I oppose that I can get into it, see where they’re coming from. I just don’t see where these folks are coming from. It’s not that I’ve never had the urge to hit someone or wished someone disappeared off the face of the earth; I just can’t see making a life’s work out of it.

Tangentially: I had Shabbat dinner at Joel’s last night.  I had Shabbat dinner last week too, but last week there were some people who were either not Jews or Jews who were non-practicing to the point of not knowing what was going on. This week was a smaller dinner and everyone around me was Jewish in every way. They sang Shalom Aleichem in three separate tunes. Then they sang Eshat Chayal, which is a song in praise of homemakers, particularly the makers of the home where the dinner is being had. After dinner, there was more noisy singing and banging on tables.

And my thought was, you know, Muslims have no joy.  It’s something I notice about Christians too, in some way, whenever I go to church for Christmas with my family (which I haven’t done in a long time). Puritan values do not encourage joy. We do not enjoy anything about our religion. The things we do enjoy, in Pakistan anyway we completely blast the joy as “culture” or worse, “Hindu practice”. So nothing fun is associated with Islam. If we sing at milads or whatever, we consider that bid’a, innovation, because we’re not sure if music is allowed in Islam. If we see Sufis dancing, we think that that is most certainly forbidden because, well, dancing leads to sex. And sex is terrible.

I’ve never had a desire to  be a Jew because, well, I’m not one. If the logic of that escapes you, I take the blame but will fail to explain further.

But the perpetual terror and paranoia in which Muslims live with their religion – that at any moment they are going to fuck something up and God, being irrational and weird (n’auzubillah), is going to smite them by overturning a mountain or sending a plague of locusts or poisoning the wells or something. It makes Muslims a constipated, slightly hysterical people who are painful company.

So yeah, maybe I get why people run out and kill other people, or themselves. If you do not release your sphincter at some point, life ain’t worth living and might as well take a few other motherfuckers with you.  They probably get more than their share of good shits.

I’m just sayin.

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#1 a. on 01.12.08 at 8:21 pm

talk about tough love…

amusing/noteworthy points in this post:

1) “Sphincter”!!!

2) “It’s not that I’ve never had the urge to hit someone or wished someone disappeared off the face of the earth; I just can’t see making a life’s work out of it.”


#2 Annabell on 01.29.08 at 8:12 pm

“Muslims need to stop killing Muslims.”
Seriously. Go kill some Jews like God intended.

“I think it’s because I’m in the States that I suddenly feel the need to explain very basic terms. Go figure.”
Well, my dumb American ass thanks you. But I’m a bit confused about the Muharram thing, since the Wikipedia explanation says fighting is forbidden for the month, but that doesn’t really work with the whole going after the “other” Muslims thing, since last time I checked, killing people is a form of fighting.

#3 W. on 03.05.08 at 10:06 pm

‘…Muslims have no joy…’ Yes, exactly, that is what the problem is – as soon as you see a Muslim deriving any kind of enjoyment from his day-to-day existence, other Muslims pounce upon him to denounce whatever he may be up to…And yes, ‘culture’ of any sort must be denounced first and foremost.

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