Turkey Bans WordPress!

Turkey has banned the domain WordPress.com on the instigation of, believe it or not, one man and his lawyers. The whole story is at the link, or you can find it in parts on Ali Eteraz, who will probably get a lot more traffic than me (meaning that his discussion will probably get more interesting – one of the major players has already commented on the entry).

On 26 February, 2006, Pakistan banned Blogspot because of the Danish cartoon controversy. Both are instigated by religious conflicts. I don’t really know what the Turkish conflict is, but the man who got it banned, Adnan Oktar aka Harun Yahya is accusing his primary rival of publishing slander about him on several websites, some of which are on the WordPress domain.

More information can be found here. (Thank you, Teeth!)

When the Pakistani block happened, some nice folks made banners to put on their blogs. So I decided to return the favour. I’ve made a few, feel free to download and use them. Please don’t link to my image because frankly my bandwidth and whatnot can’t handle it. Take the banner and do what you like with it. If anyone wants to code it so that it can fit in a template, please please do so and then give me the code. I don’t have the chops for it.

blockpng.png blockturk.png blockus.png

blockusmoz.png blockpaki.png

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#1 Teeth Maestro on 08.21.07 at 2:14 am

Cool – consider this banner copied and is being pasted on the blog post.

#2 raincoaster on 08.21.07 at 3:45 am

Ahem! No Canadian bloggers welcome?

#3 kyla on 08.21.07 at 3:48 am

haha! I take requests. One Canada-happy banner, coming right up.

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[…] blogger Kylapasha from Islamabad has designed a badge to show Pakistani support for Turkish Bloggers: When the […]

#6 Global Voices Online » Turkey: wordpress.com ban inspires firestorm of criticism on 08.21.07 at 9:53 am

[…] blogger Kylapasha from Islamabad has designed a badge to show Pakistani support for Turkish Bloggers: When the […]

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[…] blogger Kylapasha from Islamabad has designed a badge to show Pakistani support for Turkish Bloggers: When the […]

#8 Mideast Youth on 08.21.07 at 12:39 pm

There is a petition for it here as well:


#9 wolly (paolo Valenti) on 08.22.07 at 2:46 pm

Please one for italian bloggers and I publish ASAP.


#10 Wolly Weblog » Don’t Block the Turkish Blogs on 08.22.07 at 2:56 pm

[…] vi metto il Link dell’iniziativa Don’t Block the Turkish Blogs , ho già chiesto un badge personalizzato […]

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[…] türkische Blogger hier und auch ein kleiner Banner zur Unterstützung wurde bereits von Kylapasha (aus Pakistan) […]

#12 Collin on 08.23.07 at 2:46 pm

You take requests? Can you do one that says “Supported By ALL Bloggers” and perhaps one without the text that we can use as avatars?

#13 Privacy and freedom of speech online « CJWriter.Com on 08.25.07 at 4:40 am

[…] government and court to reinstate access to WordPress in Turkey, and many bloggers are switching to “Don’t Block the Blog” avatars in protest. There are also protest banners springing up all over the ‘net; I’ve […]

#14 Universalgeni on 08.25.07 at 6:02 am

Here is one more. Please note, that the format has been slightly altered by a millimeter or so. I had to do that, because I only have “Paint” – a very simple program.


#15 Universalgeni on 08.25.07 at 6:04 am

Sorry. I forgot, that I took a bit of the bottom too. 4 millimeters I would guess…

#16 support bloggers’ right and free speech « shongjog on 08.26.07 at 7:55 am

[…] Download and display a badge to support Turkish bloggers from http://www.kylapasha.com/blog/?p=267 […]

#17 Da Vinci on 08.29.07 at 2:22 am

Kyla, thanks for your support and the banners you have made.

#18 Great Firewall of Turkey » Blog Archive » Don’t block the blog! on 09.09.07 at 3:19 am

[…] Kanada’lı raincoaster.com (WordPrexy bağlantısı) sitesinde gördüğüm bir resim, oldukça ilgimi çekti. Haliyle üzerine tıklayıp bağlantıyı takip ettim. Pakistanlı eğitim görevlisi Kyla Pasha (Gerçek adı mı? Bilmem… Sanmıyorum.), WordPress Pakistan’da engellendiği zaman onlar için yapılan banner’lara karşılık, yapılan yardımı geri ödemek adına, Türkiye’deki engeli kınamak amacıyla küçük resimler yapmış. […]

#19 Virgilius Sade on 10.24.07 at 12:28 am

One of each banner for the Australian blogger please, thank you :)

#20 swisserikin on 11.03.07 at 1:56 am

Green background is more relevant to the Muslim world.

#21 kyla on 11.03.07 at 10:31 am

Swisserikin: That may be true, but Turkey’s flag is a red background with a crescent and star and Turkey is the focus of the campaign.

#22 devildog6771 on 11.12.07 at 12:46 am

The Turkish incident has been going on for a bit. The fellow doing the suing is an Islamic extremist. I have a post about it on my blog but it was a while back and I haven’t found it yet.

The guy making all the trouble has quite a bit of clout and is a cult leader if I am not mistaken. He doesn’t let anyone leave once they get in.

I like the idea of support with the banner. But, what do the star and crescent stand for?

#23 kyla on 11.12.07 at 1:05 am

It’s the Turkish flag.

#24 vaskor17 on 12.13.07 at 10:34 am

The Turkish propaganda is been going on for many dacades now. This is only a sample of what they do.
One characteristic incident happened right after the football match Turkey – Greece 0-1 last October.
After their loss, hackers took over the official web site of the Greek football federation and put some really bad pictures and swearing words. Many of them of course they had to do with politicalissues saying “We will make all the Greek islands, Turkish” and stuff like that.

#25 Saim Baig on 12.24.07 at 2:20 am

I don’t find anything wrong in it.Its just the Turkish flag.

#26 wf on 01.05.08 at 6:23 am

Nice to see Support for Turkish bloggers.

#27 WWE Superstars on 03.07.08 at 10:13 am

Whats wrong with that? I dont see a problem

#28 Muskan on 09.10.08 at 2:09 pm

i think there should be something wrong done by wordpress owners, against muslims

#29 Anna Lyttiger on 10.03.08 at 10:06 am

You know – there’s something called Europe too – it lies outside America to the east. ;-)
Could you make a european trinket also?

#30 Asif on 10.28.08 at 6:07 am

Is wordpress is still banned in turkey?

#31 shady on 03.14.09 at 11:28 am

well green color suits muslims

#32 sandra742 on 09.09.09 at 7:50 am

Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

#33 zubbuz on 05.02.10 at 3:07 am

ohhh… Is wordpres is still banned in turkey?

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