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Firefox 3 and Urdu

I just installed Firefox 3 and it’s all slick and lovely and smooth. I’m a fan of the shashka and the smooth look and whatnot, but when I loaded BBCUrdu.com, it gave me a) an icky Naskh and b) disconnected letters. I don’t know what to do about it. I want it back to the ordinary Geeza Pro goodness a la:

Now this is still not joined letters with the medial hay because, again, Firefox has buggered it. But it’s still more readable than this:

Now this is reidiculous. it would be okay to read, though I prefer the former, if it would join where it’s supposed to.

I installed about a jillion Urdu fonts on my computer (Mac OS 10.5) and when I had Firefox 2.whatever, it eventually starting behaving. Which is to say, first it messed up the medial hay, both the dochashmi and the kunda, then it fixed dochashmi, then it fixed kunda, and then it registered the dash that forms the Urdu fullstop (which it was rendering as a question mark for a while.)

Now: do I have to reinstall my fonts? Are there new fonts? Do I have to wait till Firefox 3 catches up to Urdu? It’s very annoying.