High Noon and the Body

highnoon-coverKyla Pasha’s poems sparkle with the rediscovery of song’s electricity while losing none of the sophisticated edge of argument.

– Ranjit Hoskoté


Audacious, yet quiet, lovelorn, yet fierce, Kyla’s poems entrance —these are truly “lullabies for grieving”.

– Nighat M. Gandhi


The earliest poems set a tone that persists throughout the collection (though in an increasingly expansive form) — short jabs of expressionistic imagery drawing heavily on the natural world; taut, compact lines; stanzas held together more by internal rhyme and assonance than by metre. The influence of European models is very evident. There is a strong vein of brooding romanticism that echoes the later generations of expressionists — the symbolist poems of Mandelstam. There are also links to poets such as Emily Dickinson and Poe, lending her poetry that strange European/North American fusion quality.

Aasim Akhter, Dawn

These poems have a post-lapsarian, mythological feeling delivered in a drawling wisecracking tone…a sort of science fiction end-of-an affair poetry planet on which we can roam with a knowing smile.

– Paromita Vohra

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